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The New Presidency
Published on January 20, 2009 By MusicMayne In Republican

So.....what now? Who will the press corps gripe about. Who will the Post and the New Yorker lampoon in their comic strips? Who will we blame if a hurricane strikes the nation again? Who's interesting language nuances will we degrade and insult? Who will the left wingers whine about when the going gets tough? Who will the movie stars disrespect openly? What will we do when he DOESN'T solve all of the problems? What will we think in 100 200? 1460 days? What if a comet strikes the Earth....will we go to Crawford, Tx and ask G.W. why he allowed such a heavenly body to do such a thing? Who will the late night shows joke about? What happens when the democrats find that they can't get along with him either because their agenda is whack? What happens if, God forbid....something should happen to him and that simpering moron Biden is president? So many head hurts. I need a vodka collins.

on Jan 20, 2009

A new broom sweeps clean. Remember The Who? They're the ones who said meet the new boss, same as the old boss...

on Jan 20, 2009

We won't be fooled again!


Or will we?